Monday, January 12, 2015

*Shame* + First Racing Lesson

So...I cheated.

In case you did not know, I have twelve breaks in three ribs.  A little racing tidbit; When breaking from the gate the first stride is momentum, the second is the horse, and the third is the jockey.  The break was my homie, I was awesome at it and very few riders could beat me at the break if I wanted to be there (Which sometimes you want to break slow but that's another lesson).  I've gone down first and second strides a couple times do to the fact horses do stumble frequently and it's up to racing luck then.  In my last race my horse, Try A Lemon Drop (Who I LOVED), stumbled one stride from the gate and launched me into the clouds.  As soon as I hit the ground the following sentence began to roll through my brain (Let's highlight that word Began), "Where is the horse?".  Significantly less than a second later, I saw hooves, I felt hooves...all of them.  It's really quite incredible how fast your brain can learn to work and process...mine told me I was effed and I prayed Lemony or another didn't step on my head.  I also prayed Lemony didn't fall down or trip another because this is how you think when you ride races.  I was lucky as hell.  Still was ouchy though :/  I've been hurt before, two collarbones, one in several places, broken ribs, legs, wrist, torn ligaments, fingers, foot, toes, skull, jaw, eye socket, & ect. and it never deterred me.  This did not deter me, it was weight and jerks (More stories from racing...later).  It still is multiple fractures though and I am supposed to behave *eye roll*...

So we went to see the grey beastie yesterday since it was FINALLY above freezing, who was feeling quite keen by the way with his new feed program (which I directly told him that if he kept up the crap there would be NO MORE NUMS).

DIB lunged him (in an egg shape, because Lux has issues with a proper circle) and then rode him, working on bending and transitions (while I yelled orders, heh.) as well as his frame because NUMS make beastie forget how to carry himself.  Seriously I feel like we're kindred spirits there, I love food, he loves food, we both left racing and want to eat all of the food.

Then...I cheated.  I rode beastie.  ONLY AT A WALK THOUGH I PROMISE!  Okay and maybe I tried a trot down one side of the arena but my ribs protested and I agreed with them.  Trot is a no-go yet.  The farm manager spotted me (and knows of my ahem...issues because I rode races for the farm owner) and I'm pretty sure I'm going to drive her to drink...she might have had an anxiety attack.
Alas I worked on standing up in corners while bending with him (AT A WALK  OKAY?!?!).  He tried but became frustrated as hell quickly...also DIB & Farm Manager were right...ouchy.

For all of the OTTB riders out there, Racing Lesson: We actually teach them to do the opposite, to drop in on a bend, to save ground and energy.  It makes for a dangerous situation in turns.  See you switch leads at every quarter pole (ideally) in racing, at the elbows of the track.  So if you're going six furlongs you are supposed to switch leads twice, at the half mile pole and the quarter pole.  Inside lead on the turn, right lead in the lanes.  When they switch leads going into the turn we allow them to drop their shoulder and allow them to step out to jostle and intimidate other horses/riders down the stretch.  They don't stand up in turns, they move with them because of the speed.  Heck, some tracks are even banked like a NASCAR course.

Next Racing Lesson: Lead Changes in a Race!

I think this is going to be a thing :)


PS! Thank you to Jodi from Racing to Ride for the mention :) Already love you.


  1. Love the falling thought process. It's amazing how much can happen in a fraction of a second.

  2. Time does stand still when the shtf lol.
    Looking forward to following you and the grey horse. I so wanted to be a jockey - back in the days of Secretariat lol. Also owned by a grey ottb - thinking your tips will come in handy. :D

  3. I always thought being a jockey would be pretty cool... But I was too big in every way I looked at it any way so maybe it's a good thing I never tried hahaha. It's amazing how everything happens so fast but we have a moment or two to say, "Oh shit..."

  4. I saw your blog and jodi's blog and i just had to follow you, when i was little i used to want to be a jockey but a serious of bad luck problems with my health led to me putting my riding career as a hobby and going in to uni instead! plus i was never that small! i then wanted to become a dressage competitor, i'm just starting that dream again! i can't wait to read more of your blog i love it! and feel free to check out mine :) Xx

  5. Yes, more racing lessons please!! If you can teach me how to unlock the secret left-to-right lead change I know my ottb secretly has, I will love you forever!!

  6. yikes - scary story, i can really imagine what it's like to go down surrounded by so many horses all at once- glad it wasn't worse and hope you feel better soon! in the meantime, def interested in hearing more racing tidbits :)

  7. No problem at all :) It's awesome to have another perspective of the racing world out there in the horse blogosphere. I'm sorry about your ribs and hope that you heal up soon. I can't even imagine what it's like to go down during a race, but know that sickening feeling every time I see it happen. There is nothing easy about life on tge track. Also, I can totally relate to trying to yell instructions at the SO and know how it pretty much always ends up with wanting to get on and do it yourself.

  8. I'm looking forward to reading your posts! Your perspective will be great to learn from! I was just at Turf Paradise last week and it has crazy banked turns!

  9. Oooh, I will love hearing about changing leads in a race! I am very much enjoying reading your blog already :)