Friday, January 9, 2015

Chiberia Day 2.

Well another -20 degree, no barn day.  Apparently when you have broken ribs, the cold is extra nope-like.  It looks like sunday is the next time we can work, until then I'm lusting over all of the saddles grey horse needs, such as:

Henri De Rivel Dortmund Dressage Saddle

And obviously a sparkly brow band...because yes.

On the doggy front, we finally have paw-tector! Whoot! We can officially go to the bathroom outside successfully without having to be carried back in! (because someone has to do laps before they use the potty and stays out too long...)  They actually sold out of the crap for a while because of Chiberia/Polar Vortex yet alas we now are in possession of the crap! I highly recommend Musher's Secret or any other paw balm you can get, it really does work :)


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